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Harney Helping Organization for Personal Emergencies, better known as HHOPE, is a nonprofit organizaton which has been helping domestic abuse survivors for over twenty-six years. HHOPE's basic philosophy is that everyone has a right to dignity and to safety. HHOPE provides shelter, but they also address other needs of survivors.
The mission of HHOPE is "to provide housing, advocacy, and support services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault through medical and emotional support, community education, and outreach by helping one person at a time escape an abusive situation."
HHOPE realizes that it is important for survivors to have a place to talk and vent. This organization gives victims that place. Two of HHOPE's main goals are to teach women that they have a right to make choices for themselves and to teach the public the truth about domestic violence.

When you volunteer at HHOPE, you are not only helping the victim, but you are helping the community become a better place. By volunteering, you will learn how to educate the community about domestic violence, a rapidly-growing epidemic. HHOPE needs heartfelt volunteers who put more than just their time into their work. HHOPE wants a volunteer who shares in their philosophy and their views.

HHOPE strongly believes that when abuse survivors talk about their abuse it helps alleviate the power that the abuse held over them. If you are volunteering to be an advocate, you will be the person listening to the problems of an abuse survivor. As an advocate, you have to demonstrate patience and understanding. Not being judgmental is another attribute that is absolutely necessary in this environment.

Do you care about humanity? Do you feel strongly about women making their own choices instead of being forced to think a certain way? Does the thought of educating people and watching them grow into self-awareness excite you? How about seeing a happy child's smiling face?
Is this the person being described you? If you possess the drive and desire, then here are a few other requirements you will need to possess:

  • Cultural sensitivity is a must! Being bilingual would be a plus (but is not required).
  • Ability to attend out-of-town functions.
  • Able to pass a liberal background check. (Contact HHOPE for more information.)
  • Possess a valid Oregon Driver's license.
  • Required to have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Must have a telephone.
  • Expected to attend a monthly HHOPE board meeting and other meetings as scheduled (possibly some evenings).

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